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The Problem with Goal Setting: How to Create Systems Not Goals

Posted by Chris Baker on

Systems can be a better option instead of setting a list of new goals like we always do on January 1st. Some examples of systems vs goals:

Goal: Read 50 books per year

System: Spend one hour reading each night before bed

My Morning Routine with Mala Misthry

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on

Mala is a plant based boxer, who is based in London. She has a very positive outlook on life and inspires others with her journey. We interviewed Mala to find out about her deciding to...

My Morning Routine with Courtney Ustrzycki

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on

We interviewed Courtney Ustrzycki about her morning routine. Courtney is known for being an athlete, a fitness trainer and a head coach. She uses her platform to inspire and motivate others to create a positive...

My Morning Routine with Gabriela Nicol

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on

Gabriela is a nutritionist, helping to improve peoples health and lifestyle by following a Paleo and Keto diet. She also posts inspiring fitness content and nutrition advice on her socials. We interviewed Gabriela as we...

My Morning Routine with Katie Davies

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
Katie Davies is a former UK national athlete and an international personal trainer. She currently lives in Mexico and is co-owner of the Tulum Jungle Gym. We interviewed Katie to find out more about her journey and her inspiring content that is an influence to us and her thousands of followers.